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My artistic interest is centring on the adventures arising from the difficulties in mastering the plotted line as a means of artistic expression. Three fascinating aspects contribute to my interest:

1. The fascination of the mechanically guided pen.
2. The fascination of the monochrome line.
3. The fascination of the generative code.

The technology of mechanical drawing is almost extinct. It has been supplanted by other print technologies in the course of technological development. As a metaphor, the moving pen in the grip of a plotter in action resembl es relatively closely the process of the hand engaged in drawing. Interesting consequences of artistic concern arise from this observation. Drawings form an enormously rich domain of art. It is a universe that is complemented by an equally rich universe of machine-generated drawings, also a universe in its own right.

Artistic quality is living comfortably in both universes. It is a big artistic challenge to work in this universe, to invent strategies and code them into programs from which drawings can be generated that possess identity and uniqueness and that demonstrate with great clarity that they belong to the machine universe.

Hans Dehlinger

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